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Our Employee Counselling Service (EAP) provides free short-term counselling treatment to staff of registered organisations.

Counselling is made available to staff for a range of emotional issues that may be affecting your work or your general well-being.

Accessing your STAFF COUNSELLING Service

If your employer has registered to be a part of our EAP program, then you are eligible for free counselling treatment. 

There are two main referral systems available to employees wishing to seek counselling:
  1. HR referral via your Manager or HR Department, or
  2. Self-Referral.
These referral options are pre-determined by your employer at the time of registering. If you are unsure about the terms of your EAP entitlement, you can speak to your Manager or HR department or contact us on 8205 0566 for more information.

HR Referrals

If your EAP entitlement is HR referred, you will be required to contact your manager or HR department for referral to our service. Your manager may request some info about the nature of your concern, or may allow you to keep these details private. They can also advise you on the number of sessions to which you are entitled.


If your EAP entitlement is able to be accessed via self-referral, then you do not need to notify your employer of your intention to use our service and your usage will generally be kept confidential from your employer, even during the billing process. Simply contact us to get started.

Session Limits

Regardless of whether or not your access is via HR referral or self-referral, your employer will set the total number of sessions to which you are entitled, typically between 3-6 sessions.

Once your session limit is exhausted, your employer may be willing to fund further treatment. In this case we will make a plan with you to approach your employer on your behalf to seek that extension. In the case of anonymous self-referral, we will first seek your permission to identify you in our request for additional treatment. Usually your employer will request a brief statement regarding your treatment progress prior to approving any extension. 


Everything you talk about in your counselling sessions will be kept confidential by your counsellor, and will not be revealed to your employer (unless you give specific instructions and permission to do so). Confidentiality will be maintained in all circumstances except in the case of a court subpoena, or if there is imminent and serious concern about your safety or the safety of another.

EAP Counselling Benefits

EAP (Employee Assistance) Counselling has been proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and improve office morale. It can assist with specific workplaces issues, such as:

•    communication problems
•    inter-personal conflict
•    the impact of bullying
•    stress, and
•    trauma.

EAP Counselling can also provide a range of personal benefits to employees who may be suffering from issues such as:

•    low mood or depression
•    stress
•    anxiety
•    relationship or family-related problems
•    grief
•    major life change or other challenges.

YOUR Employer of Choice

Employers who offer EAP services to their staff strive to be Employers of Choice. In certain industries where employees are subject to specific stresses, the use of an Employee Assistance Agreement assists the employer to meet important duty of care obligations.

Generally speaking, employers don’t limit the range of issues for which you are able to seek help, and you will be free to discuss anything that might be affecting your workplace or personal life.

Employers of Choice recognise that EAP counselling contributes not just to the personal well-being of their staff, but also to the overall success of their organisation. EAP Counselling also allows employers to meet, and often exceed, their duty of care to employees.

Making an Appoinment

You can contact us at any time on (02)8205 0566 to book an appointment with one of our counsellors.

Please identify yourself by providing your company or organisation name when you book.

We are conveniently located at locations across the greater Sydney area.

Our Employee Counselling Service (EAP) provides free short-term counselling treatment to staff of registered organisations.

Counselling is made available to staff for a range of emotional issues that may be affecting your work or your general well-being.
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